Ask for a Second Opinion from Atena Medical Center's doctors

To access the Second Opinion medical service, please fill in the request form. An Atena Medical Center representative will contact you as soon as possible to determine the details of the request and the process.

How to get Second Opinion in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill in the Second Opinion request form and give us as many details about your case as possible.
  2. An Atena Medical Center representative will contact you for further clarification and information.
  3. Your case is analyzed and you receive the results of the Secon Opinion interpretation.

Your case will benefit from the expertise of Atena Medical Center doctors

If you have been diagnosed with a serious, complex or rare condition or your doctor has told you that you need difficult surgery, the next recommended step is to get a second opinion. The more you learn about the diagnosis and treatment options available to you, the more likely you are to receive the most appropriate treatment.

In our clinic, you will benefit from the integrated medical opinions of a team of overspecialized doctors in order to offer you the approved recommendations for the most appropriate therapy. The following information is analyzed in the second opinion medical consultation: the pathology report, the stage of the disease, your state of health (does not sound good physically), as well as the treatment proposed and / or followed until the evaluation date.