The Genesis-Athens Clinic in Bucharest is the branch of the clinic of the same name in Athens, one of the best clinics in the world in the field of in vitro fertilization, with one of the best success rates in the first attempt, over 50%.

Dr. Konstantinos Pantos, the director of the clinic in Greece, has 40,000 satisfied customers worldwide. And because more and more Romanians were on their way to Greece in search of a successful fertilization procedure, after which to obtain a pregnancy, the opening of the Bucharest branch came naturally, to meet this need.

     Over 700,000 patients have been treated in the last 45 years at the “AGIOS LOUKAS” Clinic. Our specialized medical and healthcare staff has the experience and know-how to deal with diseases across the spectrum of medicine.

     Also – Medical laboratories are represented by a team of specialists with 20 years of experience in the field of clinical medicine and laboratory medicine. We know that the diagnosis of a disease depends very much on the correlation of clinical symptoms with the results of laboratory tests, so the quality of the results was our primary goal.

     CytoGenomic Medical Laboratory specializes in state-of-the-art genetic testing. Applying the latest technologies, the laboratory offers a full range of clinical genetics, molecular genetics, cytogenetics and prenatal genetic screening services to discover the causes of certain diseases, to complete patient assessment, to establish clinical management or to prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases.

We are one of the largest and longest-lived companies on the beauty market in Romania. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Silhouette Beauty Centers offers a wide range of procedures, both facial and body, incorporating the latest technologies and the use of internationally recognized products.

We are the team of physiotherapy specialists from the SportCare clinic and we are at the disposal of our patients to offer you complete and competent medical recovery services.


Green Onco-Medical is an independent laboratory of pathological anatomy, since 2010 on the Romanian health services market. Histopathological examinations of biopsies and surgical specimens, extemporaneous examinations, cytological examinations, immunohistochemicals and second opinion are performed in the laboratory.

OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group is a company with a 25-year tradition on the Romanian insurance market, which is part of the Vienna Insurance Group (Wiener Versicherung Gruppe), the main leader on the insurance market in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.

Affidea ( is Europe’s largest provider of imaging, outpatient and cancer medical services. Affidea is the only healthcare provider on the IBM Watson and Microsoft Cloud Imaging Board.

Thanks to the programs implemented and the focus on patient safety, Affidea has become the most awarded provider of imaging diagnostics in Europe by the European Radiology Society – over 50% of the accredited Eurosafe Wall of Stars centers belonging to Affidea.