Atena Medical Center is the newest multidisciplinary clinic in Bucharest, located in the central area of the Capital. We strive to offer quick diagnosis and treatment, affordable for the patients. We rely on the synergy of the medical team to guarantee the optimal diagnosis and treatment.

To achieve this goal we managed to bring together a team of 127 doctors, names esteemed in the medical community. The medical director of the clinic and the coordinator of the medical team is Dr. Konstantinos Vakalidis, urologist, andrologist, doctor of medicine, specialized in minimally invasive surgery, robotic laparoscopic surgery.


Atena Medical Center’s specialists will examine you with a lot of patience and attention, they will encourage you to ask questions, they will be by your side throughout the investigations, and in the end you will be confident that you have found a medical team that puts the patient on the first place. Through the dedicated effort of each team member, all patients will receive a pleasant experience and a comfortable medical examination, regardless of age.

The medical center is built on 5 floors, it has several specialized offices where small surgeries can be performed, as well as imaging and laboratory analysis.

In addition to the latest equipment, our doctors understand that in order to provide professional services, continuous evolution is necessary. Each doctor holds multiple skills and continues to improve so that you will will be sure that when you step on the threshold of our clinic you can find the best diagnostic and treatment options.


Our Mission

„Your health is our duty”.

Our mission is to set a standard of excellence in patient examination, diagnosis and treatment. The synergy on which the medical team is based upon represents a guarantee for the patient in solving any medical problem.

Our Values

We put the patient first

Excellence and professionalism

Quality services



We know that there are patients who have been trying for some time to get answers to their problem, and the Atena Medical Center’s team holds the necessary experience to give you a second opinion. Seeking a Second Opinion is the best thing you can do for your health.

An important advantage that Atena Medical Center offers is the collaboration we have with international doctors, professionals from Greece, and when you need a complex treatment you will have the best team of doctors.


  • Monday – Friday: 07.00 – 21.00
  • Saturday: 08.00 – 14.00